Consciousness for the environment

The term sustainability is often heard these days. Recent global developments show that we will continuously have to rethink our energy consumption. In 2005, ERS Railways started to build up and expand it’s electric locomotive fleet. Today 100% of our trains are already pulled by electric locomotives.

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When safety meets reliability

Safety is a top priority at ERS Railways and rail has proven to be the safest way to transport goods. We retain a leading position when it comes to operational safety. Comprehensive training programmes as well as regular medical checks for our locomotive drivers go far beyond current market standards.

Process excellence and innovation

Innovation was the key driver when ERS Railways was founded in 1994. The essence of our corporate strategy was to deliver highly efficient and reliable shuttle train concepts. Today, our customer requirements have developed further and so have we. Our full service offerings are supported by Track & Trace as well as EDI-driven communication.

These constantly evolving requirements generate lots of opportunities to improve your supply chain concepts through innovative thinking. We have dedicated team members driving Process Excellence as a core part of our strategy to ensure excellent process alignment and implementation.